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Gritfusion-ORM(Online Reputation Marketing)


Benefits Of ORM

Reputation can increase profits

Developing on the importance of your online reviews, companies with good online reviews tend to attract more business.

Companies with good reputation attract better employees

Reviews are equally as important for attracting employees as they are for attracting customers.

Lower reputation risk

Companies with poor online reputations tend to receive worse reliability. That may be because of systemic difficulties within the organization, though it may also be the reputation management report of the broken image theory.

Reputation directly impacts sales and revenue

In today’s highly competitive business environment, the way people perceive a brand has a direct impact on its sales and revenue numbers.

Ensure the high-value business reputation

A strong and well-managed online reputation ensures that businesses have a great first impression on their prospects.

Reputation by the numbers

To further clarify any doubts about the importance of having a strong online reputation Online search is the most trusted source of information about people and corporations for 65% of internet users. All the above statistics show online reputation supervision is the eventuality of marketing and branding.


ORM-Online Reputation Marketing

There are a lot of issues a person might face while managing his social status whether its offline in reality or if its virtual and online. A regular set of questions that occupy our mind, while constructing or expanding the webpage of our firm, revolve around the stats and position our company's site would hold on web and simultaneously would the appearance be as righteous and respectful as we expect it to be. You might wonder why your potential crowd of customers linger onto the website of your rivals well, that is because they have a better online reputation, the modern era advice every user to abide by search engine results which optimizes their choice and showcases your online business reputation as compared to your competitors.
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